There will be a meeting of Renaissance of South Eastern PA on Friday February 12, 2010 at the Vision of Hope MCC Church, 130 East Main St. , Mountville, PA.  The doors open at 8:00 PM – meeting at 8:30 PM. Please enter at the back.

There will be a meeting of Renaissance of South Eastern PA on Saturday February 20 at the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 2164 Mt. Zion Road, York, Pennsylvania.  Doors open at 8:00 PM and the meeting will begin at 8:30 PM.  Please enter at the back of the building.  The guest speaker for the meeting will be Kim Rosenberg from Lancaster.

Please bring something to share for refreshments to the meetings.

From our President,
Ellen Davidson

Ellen’s Corner:

HI Everybody,

We survived Ground Hog Day even though the marmots couldn’t make up their mind and then added insult to injury with a 20 inch snowfall this past weekend that put a damper on a lot of fun and Super Bowl parties.  Oh well I can still look forward to the Daytona 500 on Valentine’s Day.

February is shaping up to be a busy month for us.  We have a meeting scheduled for this coming Friday night in Mountville.   I am sure we will have another spirited discussion.

Kim Rosenberg will be our guest speaker for the February 20 meeting in York.  Kim is a Psychologist and therapist from Lancaster.  She has been involved for several years providing counseling for the LGBT community.  She has an office in Lancaster and is willing to take on new clients.

Rosenberg Psychological Practice
2677 Stagecoach Lane, Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: (717) 569-1800

.Michelle and I recently attended a fund raising meeting for Central Pennsylvaniua Pride in Harrisburg.  We are looking to get involved in hosting an event next fall.

Most of the local watering holes will be having Mardis Gras parties this coming weekend as Tuesday, February 16 is Fat Tuesday and a hope that spring is only a few weeks away.

A Special Event from our sister organization in Harrisburg:

TransCentralPA proudly announces the 2nd Annual Keystone Conference - “A
Celebration of Gender Diversity” on March 11 - 13, 2010..

It will be an informative, educational, inspirational and wonderful time among members and supporters of the Transgender community at the lovely Sheraton Harrisburg/Hershey hotel in the capitol city of Harrisburg, PA. This second annual Keystone Conference treats event attendees to varied and meaningful workshops and seminars and two nights of social functions, including a bus trip to the Holly Wood Casino and dinner and nightclubbing in beautiful downtown Harrisburg; the finale being Saturday night’s gala dinner and dance in the Sheraton’s resplendent ballroom.

As the keystone bridges and holds together associated entities, Trans identifying people do the same, and the Keystone Conference is a celebration of the unique diversity of gender, and our central and unifying place in it. Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State because of its significance in unifying the early colonies and it is quite relevant that we hold this conference in the state’s capitol.

Make your plans to join us for the weekend of March 11, 2010- we promise that you won’t find a better value for your dollar at any other Transgender event or conference in the U.S this entire year! Please visit our website for further details and to register
For more information, to register, and to obtain special rates for the events, visit the web site at or contact
Early Registration with discounted prices closes February 15, 2010.

We are planning to participate in the First Fairy Feast at Bubes Brewery on March 21st.  This is in celebration of the first day of spring and the Vernal Equinox.  Costumes are encouraged and it sounds like a lot of fun.

Central PA Pride Committee is hosting a Spring Fling on Saturday, April 19 at the Sheraton Hotel in Harrisburg.  Dancing, refreshments, DJ, and a silent auction are planned for this fundraiser for PRIDE.

I hope to see you at the meetings:

Ellen Davidson
President – Renaissance of South East PA

The History of Transgender
Support Groups in our area
Michelle Lynn GreyFeather

Yes it is little ole me again, well not so little anymore, here to tell a story about Transgender support in our area. Just a little history about Transgender support organizations that have been around to help those seeking help, support and education about themselves; the whys and wherefores of who and why we are.

In the beginning way back in the late 80's there was a Transgender support group started in York, Pa.  It was a chapter of the National Renaissance Transgender organization which is located in Philadelphia, Pa. It was located in York for several years then moved to Harrisburg, Pa and became known as LSV (Lower Susquehanna Valley). I was still in the closet way back then and knew nothing about that group but many of us did know and attended those meetings.

LSV was the first Transgender support group I had ever heard of.  I had found it on the Internet after wanting to meet others like myself. I had studied Transsexualism and Crossdressing for many years wanting to learn all I could about myself and why I had all these desires and needs wanting to wear feminine clothing and wishing I were female. I wanted to learn anything and everything I could about all the communities under the Transgender umbrella. This led me to wanting to find others like myself and ask questions which led me to discover LSV. LSV was full of information and support and I met many wonderful people there who were just like me. This is the reason why all who are Transgender and still in the closet or just coming out need to find Support organization's to visit and become a part of so they too can learn and meet others like themselves and get the answers to their many questions.

When I first came out to anyone other then my wife, (which by the way was not voluntary, (another story)  it was to a support group in Harrisburg, Pa known as LSV, (Lower Susquehanna Valley). That was about 8 or 9 years ago. It took me all day just to decide to go to a meeting of this new place I found that would help me understand who I was and why. When I got there it took me almost 2 hours to even get out of the car. By the time I did finally get out of my car the meeting was closing as I opened the door to go in, finally .... I was dressed entirely enfemme, scared, embarrassed, shaking and probably white as a ghost but my fears were quickly calmed by someone who met me at the door and helped me to become quite calm as she helped me understand that it was nothing to be afraid of being with people who have the same needs and desires as myself. This person was Ellen Davidson, who by the way is now President of Renaissance of South Eastern Pa. (ROSE).. She invited me to go to the Pink Lizard which was a Gay Lesbian club in Harrisburg, Pa. with her and the rest of her friends that night. From that day I never feared being with other Crossdressers' and Transsexual's again and we became very close friends and still are to this day. I have to admit that little excursion to the Pink Lizard helped me blow the doors off the closet. We have had a lot of adventures together in the TG Community which were loads of fun as well as very Educational.

Ellen is well known in the TG community from helping many T Girls looking for support and knowledge about themselves. She has helped many T Girls go shopping for their feminine clothes as well as helping them to adjust to being in a public location dressed enfemme. It is a very difficult situation we have to face when we first come out to anyone or group but it is well worth going to a support group and learning more about ones self being Transgender and meeting others like ourselves. You will meet some very wonderful people like yourself  as well as learn about who you are and why.

After several years of attending LSV something happened; the leaders of LSV at that time decided to withdraw from their parent chapter of the National Renaissance Transgender Organization and start their own Transgender support group today known as TransCentral, still located in Harrisburg, PA where LSV met at the MCC Church on Jefferson Street.  Organizational Politics mostly were involved to cause the separation which this is not really worth going into. When the leaders of LSV split from Renaissance some thought it might not fly because they were losing a Nationally Known Transgender support name that gave them clout and recognition as a Transgender support group. As time passed by TransCentral grew and became a well established and recognized name in the Transgender community. It had brought with it the members of LSV, the LSV connections and contacts in Transgender education and the staff of LSV that made LSV the brilliant support group it was. TransCentral's growth and recognition in the TG Community proves you do not need a well established national name to have and gain recognition.

TransCentral has developed a great Educational program for Transsexual's and Crossdressers' today known as the Keystone Conference, (, that attracts many from different regions of the country. I am proud to know some of the people who put TransCentral together and accomplished building such a great support group. For those who would like more information about TransCentral their web site is ...

A few us who still liked the Renaissance Transgender National organization’s purpose and goals decided to start another Renaissance chapter when LSV folded. We had many meetings discussing what we wanted this new Renaissance chapter to be like and what we wanted it to provide for the Transgender community. We decided we did not want to focus on the politics of the Transgender community nor get involved in them. There were already many out there who were doing that and making great headway. We wanted to start a chapter of Renaissance that focused on the support and development of an individual’s gender appearance on the outside so they could enter the world and become who they were inside without being read as a man in a dress or a girl in men's clothing on the outside.

We began developing programs that helped male to female individuals learn how to apply make up so that they would appear to be female / feminine on the outside as well as on the inside. We tried to help them to understand when too much make up will cause them problems instead of helping them. We developed programs on how to present oneself as female in public, how to walk, talk, act, female stance, appearance, how to use their arms and hands like a female, how to walk the right way in high heels, and how to sit like a woman; just to mention a few subjects of that program. We worked on a program to help male to female's maintain their wigs, how to style them and what kind of wig style bests suited their face and the color of a wig which help them look more female in appearance with their complexion. We developed a program on how to make one’s self appear to have a female shape and how to make the needed padding to add the curves needed to present the hour glass female figure when dressed as a woman.

All of us who wanted to start a new Renaissance Transgender support group were very knowledgeable in  the Transgender subject of why we are Transgender and who we are. We offer Support, Education and Help to those seeking that information as well as why they have the needs and desires they have.

We have had Hormone therapists as speakers explaining the do's and don't's of Hormones. We will be having several Transgender counselors as speakers starting in February when Kim Roseberg will be our speaker on therapy and counseling of Transgender individuals. One of the main goals we have set for the new Renaissance chapter now known as Renaissance of South Eastern Pennsylvania, also known as ROSE, is to help individuals become more themselves on the outside as well as on the inside. Looking the part of the real person you are on the inside is as important as being yourself on the outside when in a public place. For those who would like more information about ROSE the ROSE Web Site is: .....

When we first started ROSE we looked for a location in York, Pa but did not find anything suitable or safe. We ended up starting ROSE in Mountville, Pa which is about 18 miles east of York. Recently we found a great location in York, Pa and have been in York for about 6 months now and we are constantly growing and meeting new Transgender people. We now have two chapters for ROSE and lately have been becoming more known and recognized in the Transgender community. We started our first chapter 3 years ago and since then have helped many individuals and a few children and their parents with Transgender issues, education and support. When we started ROSE we decided we were not going to be a huge support organization, just a group to help Transgender individuals when their needs became known and provide a safe location where individuals could just be themselves without ridicule and being made fun of.

Both our chapters are located in very safe areas. We are especially very proud and excited about our York location which is in the suburbs of York county and very secluded and safe enough for visitors and members to go out side and reminisce and chat without fear of ridicule or harassment . We are not in competition with any other support group to see who gets the most members and I don't really think any Transgender support group is in it in a competition member drive, that would be ridiculous and defeating the purpose of why we are here. We are all here to help  the Transgender community and we all work together to accomplish that goal.  It is a wonderful feeling being able to help others like ourselves understand who and why they are and help them to deal with every day issues and sometimes the crisis of being Transgendered.

Some time after the York, Pa chapter of Renaissance was started back in the 80's Tri Ess tried to start a chapter in York, Pa.. Tri Ess is mainly a crossdressing support group and was founded in order to help the heterosexual crossdresser balance their needs through a support network of others with similar interests. Tri-Ess also serves the spouses and friends of the crossdresser who may be trying to integrate their gender expression into a relationship. Tri Ess is a very family-oriented organization and believes that spouses should be active members if they so desire.

The single crossdresser will also find support in Tri Ess chapters as well. Tri Ess is an International group with a chapter in Italy and in a few other overseas locations. After sometime trying to establish a chapter in York, Pa they decided to withdraw from York for the lack of interest mainly because of communications. Only a few if any contacted the individuals trying to establish the Tri Ess chapter. In other words, lack of communication from the TG community to Tri Ess, which most still find a problem in many areas to this day as well as in this area. The closest Tri Ess chapter to York, Harrisburg, Lancaster and other local areas is in Baltimore, Md.
The Baltimore, MD Tri Ess web site is ...

One of the mistakes many Crossdressers and Transsexuals make is becoming loyal to only one support group if there are more then one in an area. We recommend members and visitors to try and attend as many group meetings as you can because this allows you to learn more about yourself, get more answers to the many questions that you have and to meet others like yourself to socialize with and make more friends who have the same desires and needs as you do. It is quite possible you will find a best friend in each group you attend and believe me it helps to have a lot of friends with the same desires and needs as yourself. The more support groups you go to the more friends you will meet and the more you will learn about yourself.  In my opinion as well as many others I have talked to, it is much better to be part of several support groups when possible and to have friends in different cities and towns just in case you may need help some day in one of them. If you are still in the closet I would suggest very strongly for you to seek out support groups and attend their meetings in your area. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Best Wishes

Michelle Lynn GreyFeather

Cathy’s Chatter

     Wow, is it February already? Lets see, this is the month that furry rodent comes out of a hole in the ground on the second an announces spring is around the corner. Warm weather cannot get here fast enough for me because usually about this time I am far into the depths of “cabin fever”. No, I do not believe I will be going to the extreme of hacking up my loved ones with an ax and then going out and wandering around in the snow drifts until I freeze to death sitting at the base of the neighbor’s hedgerow. One cure for cabin fever is to just get out no matter the weather and what better way to get away from the television on a Friday or Saturday night than to attend one of ROSE’ s monthly meetings. I must note that we have some pretty interesting programs coming up starting with the February meeting. In or out of the closet, all are welcome at ROSE meetings. We feel that having keynote speakers from the outside is one of the best ways to offer support. This month we begin with Kim Rosenberg who is a mental health therapist from Lancaster. She has experience counseling those of the transgendered community and I have no doubt she will have some interesting input concerning those of our community. We also will be introducing “Roxie” in the very near future. Roxie has much stage experience in drag shows and has a program of her own entitled “Essence of a Woman” Roxie can teach you everything you wanted to know about being female, but was afraid to ask. Roxie puts on a great program using a little humor, a little music, and plenty of energy. If you have never seen her in action, you will not want to miss her program. It does not stop there though; our current director, Ellen Davidson, has some things in the works that will give those of you who want more than a meeting in a church social hall a chance to get out for a good time with good people in an accepting atmosphere.
That’s all my thoughts for this month and I hope to see and meet more of those of our community at ROSE meetings because after all, if we do not support one another, no one else will.


Dianna’s Den 

Dear Ladies,

Well are you having a ball?  I am not!  As I type I am working in the middle of a frikkin  blizzard!  Gah!  I hate winter with a passion!  I am also not a fan of snow, but at this point I doubt that many of you are either. Right now I wish I was in a tropical paradise!  Anything that does not have flippen snow!

I am going to piggy back on an article that Michelle has written; it is about loyalty to one support group.  Many years ago, there were no support groups, even in some of the big cities.  Then came some support groups and some of them were exclusionary-I won’t mention any names here.  Meaning if you did not meet their requirement you just did not get in period, even if you were transgendered. 

Locally York had no groups, although Michelle might know about the exclusionary group that either tried to come into the area or was here for awhile.  Anyway, in the late 80’s, York did have a group which was the former LSV, now known as Trans-central.  At the time they were affiliated with Renaissance in King of Prussia.  The first 3-5 yrs. They met in different members homes.

This was back in the day where you advertised in adult bookstores, fetish newspapers or gay newspapers, and that is basically it and remember, this is pre internet.  So finally LSV got a place to hold meetings at and it was a nice place too.  I discovered them by coming across a listing in the Philadelphia Gay News and I had previously overlooked it for 6 months prior to seeing it.

This was back in 1993, so I sent a letter to someone running the York chapter and after a week I got a response from someone named Lars.  We talked for a bit and Lars did quiz me which was fine by me, you don’t need crazies or trans-haters coming to your support group.  This has happened I believe, and in fact a lot of groups do a prescreening of some kind because you never just know and no this is not being paranoid, trust me.  Things are better today but only to a point.

So I started attending LSV meetings on a regular basis and I was damned glad that they were there!  And I am very grateful to Lars and the others for extending their hands and helping me along the way.  Then they moved to Harrisburg and I was left in the lurch.
So I stopped going until I met Michelle and a few others and we would only go up there maybe 5 times a year.  Then Michelle had an idea to why not start a group in York?  And we tried and it failed.  Michelle can be stubborn and eventually decided to make this happen and it did!  Now we have two chapters (York and Mountville) and we are known as ROSE.

What I am going to tell you is, back then we could afford to be loyal, like I said, up until 4 yrs. Ago LSV-Trans-central was what we had.  God knows I was a loyal LSV’er and Renaissance supporter.  That was fine, however….since the internet there seem to be more groups than ever and there is no need to be solely committed to just one group.
We should all be grateful that these groups are out there at all.  No one should ever feel like they have to follow just one group.  There is no reason why people cannot attend or support more than one group.  If I was able to, I guarantee you that I would also be checking out Baltimore, King of Prussia, maybe DC, who knows?
What I am saying is, if I had the time and other things I would probably be helping to run ROSE and I would not be afraid to go to other meetings. Because I am damned glad they and we exist!) Support, education, understanding and friends.  Genetic females by their nature are more sociable then men, that is a generalization I realize this, but there is some truth to it.  In other words, genetic women would be networking up the wazoo!  If you don’t believe me, look at some of their business connections and other things…often times they are multiple.  It is not just one group.  It is the feminine thing to do.

In addition, apparently there are enough of FTM’s who are insistent upon being the lone wolfs out there even at the expense of your trans brothers!  A few have called out to you and you have turned your back on them.  Well I am here to tell you that most males are social, just to a lot lesser degree than women are.
What I am saying is, and I am speaking as a long she wolf at times.  You being the lone wolf aint doing you or your brothers a bit of good.  True most men don’t have a gajillon friends like women seem to, however a lot of men have a few good friends, bar buddies, work buddies, whatever, you get the idea.  Please support your brothers; it is the male thing, the human thing to do. Who knows you may need support yourself one day.
So please take the time to consider that it is okay to go to our meetings and also go to Trans-central and or other groups out of the area.  We don’t care and they probably don’t either.  No one is in this for the sake of competition.  So what this article has been about is this.

DO NOT TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED!  Because you never know when you might need a friend or help or whatever.

Okay, on to other things.  We have been discussing what benefit it is to actually pay membership dues to a Transgender support group and after beating our heads against a wall, we could come up with none.  Why then belong to or attend one in the first place?  Besides the support, education, and a night out type of thing?  Well  Cathy our lovely Secretary made a very good point.  “Friendship” was the word she used, and after thinking about it she is correct.

Without these support groups, I would have met no one.  Okay I met Ellen at the Velvet Rope, but…..I met Michelle through someone we both knew and Michelle wanted to start a support group!  I met Cathy because she wanted to become more involved in the community and she wanted to help us with our potential support group! I have made friends, gone places, done things, helped people, ect.  All because of a support group.
I would not have been able to find support when I first came out if it would not have been for a support group!  I have met many people along the way, most of them I am glad that I met, again through a support group. 
You may also find that at first your only connection may be the transgender issue but in time you may find out that you have more than one thing in common.  And let me tell you, friends are a wonderful thing to have!  Many years ago I was agoraphobic; I did not like to out around people period.  I was insulated; I stayed at home and ended up losing almost everything that I had because of it.

I now realize how foolish of me that was.  I wasted years, resources, potential friends, ect.  Now I look forward to seeing everyone.  I have found that I am not the only transgendered musician out there, among other things.
I think I have written all I can write for now.  So please come to our York meeting as we are planning on having a special speaker just for you!  I’d name her but I forget at the moment.  By the time you read this you’ll probably know. 

I look forward to seeing everyone in the near future and try not to shovel too much snow!  Let your neighbor do it!  Just kidding! 



Gender EDGE  Collective
Calling all transgender / gender queer / transgender lifestyle supporters who are sculptors, writers, painters, designers, poets, musicians, or dwell in any art form, who may love punk rock, hardcore music, classical music, any….. any…. any… music, spoken word, literature, and could always be vegans, political activists, or those involved in any number of open minded disciplines, anyone simply defying labels and need a place to express who they are -------------------------------------    truthfully, safely, openly, passionately.  It is time for us to make statements to the world around us. Everyone is more than welcome to attend or inquire. Specifically geared for the young adult age range or those with an edgy/DIY approach to life.  Transgender souls and all open minds…take all the art and ideas that you adore, bring it here, and let us build progress for these generations and those to follow.

Questions/Inquires? contact Leah B. :

Tools of the Trade for Crossdressers
By: Jamie Young

Every job has its tools. Things can get complicated in a kitchen without the right pots and pans. The same is true for applying makeup. Cosmetic companies love to give away brush sets as free gifts and stores are filled with brush sets in every shape and size, "Just in time for Christmas." And like much of what we buy at the cosmetics counter, they end up in a drawer, never to come out of their pretty packaging, usually because we have no idea what to do with them. What I found to be the problem with most brush sets, is that, even if they are good quality, many of the brushes serve no useful purpose. Below, I've listed the four brushes and other tools you absolutely need and a few others that are nice to have.

Makeup application begins with concealer, foundation, and powder.  Unless you are using a mineral powder foundation, the concealer and foundation can be applied with your finger-not your hand. Use the middle or ring finger to gently smooth on concealer or foundation. The index finger pulls too much on the skin.

Sponge applicators are okay, but they tend to absorb more foundation than you need. Dampen the sponge first to eliminate that problem. Sponges also breed bacteria, so either use a new sponge with each application, or wash it with soap and water after each

Foundation brushes are nice for smoothing out foundation and concealer around the eyes. For the full face, they can be time consuming. Foundation brushes are flat with a curved top and wedged bristles.

For applying powder, big, fluffy brushes are fun, but they can waste product. I recommend a cosmetic foam pad. Press pad lightly into powder, tap off excess, and then press powder onto face. I usually start under the eyes to keep concealer from creasing, and then work my way around the face until powder disappears. Use that big, fluffy brush to dust away any excess. The pads are large enough to use a different half and/or side with each application. Once both sides have been used, wash with soap and water. They last for ages, but it doesn't hurt to toss them out after six months.

Most of us think of blush brushes as smaller versions of a powder brush. Like a powder brush, I find they waste too much product and you end up with apple cheeks. The brush I use is a larger, fluffier version of the foundation brush. Instead of rubbing the top of the
brush into your blush, place the side of the brush on the blush palate and give it a little wiggle. The wedged bristles pick up just enough blush. With a light touch, brush over the cheekbone in a comma stroke from the corner of the eyes towards the nose.

For a more dramatic look, use the same technique layering color on. It is easier to add color than trying to take it off. In case, you do apply too much, no worries. Simply take your big, fluffy powder brush and make large circles over the blush. This will soften the
color and eliminate any lines of demarcation.

Next, the eyes. Find a small version of the foundation brush-flat, with curved top and wedged bristles. With this brush, apply a light-colored shadow from the lashes all the way up to the brow. Next find a small round brush that is cut in such a way that the top comes to a point. That point should fit into the eye crease. Apply a darker shade in the crease. (I'll have a whole article on eye makeup at a later date.)

Must haves: powder pad, powder brush, blush brush, and two eye shadow brushes. Also needed in your makeup bag: cotton pads (100% cotton), Q-tips, sponge applicators (usually come with eye shadows), and an oil-free eye makeup remover. NEVER use Vaseline or baby oil on eyes.

Nice to haves: foundation brush, brow brush or comb, eyelash curler (if you have the patience), and a small angled brush for detail work around the eyes. I rarely, if ever use a lip brush, but they are useful for dabbing on a touch of gloss.


From The ROSE Board

Watch for these upcoming meeting Programs

Make up application and tricks to glamour
Wig Styling and maintenance
How to portray a female or male in public
Movie Night, showing a top rated first run movie
Transgender therapist / counselor speaker
Religion and Transgenderism and crossdressing
Police Speaker and helping police to understand crossdressers and transsexuals
Group Transgender discussion, pointers on not being read ....
Style, how to dress, what to wear and how to wear it for both Trans male and trans female
Clothing Exchange, bring your old clothes that don't fit and trade with others
Holiday dinner
Other very special guest speakers on various subjects on Transgender


T Girl Make Over Services

After discussing T Girl make overs with Wayne after the meeting program he agreed to become our very own Special Make Over Service for Rose .... and ..... The Transgender Community. Wayne, better known as Roxi, can give you a complete make over and you will come away looking like a Beauty Queen. Wayne has given make overs and applied make up for Gender women, Female Illusionist and T Girls locally and as far away as New York. He is a professional make up artist in the Local area and also has agreed to keep the cost low and work with T Girls who want to have make overs. So, if you ever wanted to have a complete make over here's is your chance to become that Beauty Queen you always wanted to be.

If you think you cannot be made over to look like that Beauty Queen you always wanted to be and have your doubts take a look at the Before and After pictures of those in New York who are members of FemmFever who had make overs done by their T girl make over service. I am sure you will find that no matter what you look like as a boy your girly look will be glamous.  ....... contact for Roxi (Wayne)  is below........

                                                  Roxi's T-Girl Make Over Services .... 717- 691- 3179

The Rose Board has discussed having a movie night a couple times a year as a meeting program of which I think is a great idea myself. So ... as of now our schedule for our May meeting will be a movie night. We will have a Large Screen TV , at least a 50 inch viewing screen to view the movie which will be either a Projection or Plazma TV. This way it will feel like your in a movie theater and no one will be straining their eyes to see the movie. So bring your popcorn or enjoy our snacks and of course enjoy the movie. We will announce the title of the movie near the end of April. It will be Transgender Related and will be an interesting movie, guaranteed.......                                   
                                                      Submit an Article to the ROSE Newsletter

If anyone would like to submit an article in our newsletter please feel free to contact us at anytime. Our newsletter goes out to over 200 members of the Transgender Community, mostly T-Girls but there are several T-Men and others on the list also. Just send your article to .. ... and we will review it and enter it into our next newsletter. Our community mailing list is private and no one can see anyones e-mail address at any time. All communications are send out to the TG Community in bulk mailings. Your article will be read by over 200 T-Girls and Men in the Local TG Community as well as millions over the internet. You can place your articles in our newsletter free.

                                                 Advertise in the ROSE Newsletter or Web site

If anyone would like to advertise in our newsletter or our Web Site @ ...please feel free to contact us and we will discuss our low fee for advertising in the ROSE Newsletter. This offer is open to Individuals, Businesses and others ...... Please contact us about advertising by sending us an e-mail to ..... and we will get back to you as so as possible .. When advertising in our Web Site and / or our Newsletter your ad will get out to over 200 T-Girls and Men as well as other in the local TG Community as well as get out to millions on the Internet. 


                                                     Classified Section of the ROSE Newsletter

Do you have something to sell, wigs, clothing, shoes, misc, Have a service you can perform, Looking for something,
Real Estate for Rent,  Handy girl/man services for hire, need help doing something, need help at your business

We are thinking of starting a classified section of our ROSE Newsletter. If anyone would like to place a classified ad in our newsletter please feel free to contact us at .... classified ads from individuals are free to place. No businesses will be able to place ads in the classified section without a small fee. When placing a classified Ad in our Web Site and / or our Newsletter your ad will get out to over 200 T-Girls and Men as well as other in the local TG Community as well as get out to millions on the Internet. 

Oriental Fashions of China, USA
Chinese Dresses for sale,
$10.00 discount to T-Girls and their Spouses ......... Web Site: ...
Check out the Web Site then contact me direct for the discount and to order ...           

Transgender Cartoon of the Month


              Renaissanceof South Eastern Pennsylvania
Web Site of the Month ....

Recommended links to Transgender Web Sites
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Phone: 717-233-0581
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Lorraine Bock
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Kim Rosenberg
Rosenberg Psychological Practice
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Michele Angello, Ph.D.
Core Initiatives, LLC
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Alexis Lake, MSS, LSW
100 Highlands Drive, Suite 301C
Lititz, PA 17543          (717) – 575-3757

Alexis Lake, MSS, LSW
412 East King Street
Malvern , PA 19355   (717) – 575-3757          Alexis Lake, MSS, LSW
                               There is a new therapist for the Transgender community in the
                                Lancaster area. Alexis Lake, MSS  LSW is new to the area but not to the                                  transgender community.  She is a post op MtF, having transitioned
                                3 years ago.  She has an office in Malvern, PA and recently opened
                                another office in Lititz.  She wants to help answer any questions
                                you may have regarding gender identity and make the road to
                                transition for those so inclined less rocky.
The ROSE Newsletter
Renaissance of South Eastern PA


  February, 2010
                                                                      The ROSE Newsletter
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                                                     Edited by – Ellen Davidson –

                                                                      Published February 8, 2010               
York, Pennsylvania area Chapter

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
2164 Mt. Zion Road,
York, Pennsylvania
Mountville, Pennsylvania Chapter

MCC Church
130 Main Street
Mountville, Pa.
Now serving the Transgendner Community
with 2 Locations
Sweetheart, did I ever tell you I use to be a man, No you
didn't Bubble Cups, but that's Ok I use to be a woman!!

Passing As A Woman In Our Modern Times
By: Jamie Young

Hello ,

In modern times the endeavor of trying to pass is most often practiced by cross-dressers and transsexuals. Because most performers, drag queens, and drag kings are often open about their natal sex and are not actually trying to appear to be the opposite gender, they are not typically referred to as passing, even though
some may be able to do so. Similarly, while many cross-dressers who venture out into public areas do try to pass, unlike transsexuals, they do not (usually) undergo any permanent physical alterations or
attempt to live full-time as their adopted sex in order to make passing easier.

Conversely, almost all transsexuals will attempt to live and work as their preferred gender and be fully accepted as that gender rather than their natal sex. Therefore, passing is not just an option but is seen as a necessity by many. The majority who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery or who are past the transition stage do not usually refer to themselves as passing, since they now consider themselves to actually be that gender.
Those who are completely accepted after transition often choose not to disclose their natal sex and instead live in stealth.

Transgender people who do not describe themselves as either cross dressers, transvestites, or transsexuals may have different attitudes towards passing. For example, they might not try to pass at all, they may send consciously mixed signals, or they might be able to pass but do not hide the fact that they are transgender.
Personal views on passing and the desire or need to pass are independent of whether an individual has had medical treatment or has legally changed their gender.

In the transgender community, those that cannot pass may sometimes view those that pass with jealousy. Because of this, there may be a tendency for some of those who pass to avoid those that are easily read. There is the perception among many that when one person is read, anyone with that person will be assumed to be transgender by association. This is one reason why people living in stealth rarely if ever associate with other transgender people.

It should be noted that the use of the term "passing" regarding sexual orientation denotes "hiding" one's identity, where use among gender-variant people (as noted above) signals acceptance and concordance with one's internal sense of or desired gender identity. However, for this reason, and because transgender persons
who come to live full-time in their desired gender/sex identity often recognize their previous attempts to conceal their identity and be accepted in socially-accepted and designated roles as the real artifice they constructed and protected, some have begun to instead call their previous gender-normative and concealing
behaviours as "passing".

Warmest regards,
Jamie Young

Subj: What Is "Passing"?
By: Jamie Young
Dear ,

Passing, in regard to gender identity, refers to a person's ability to be accepted or regarded as a member of the sex or gender with which they identify, or with which they physically present. Typically, passing involves a mixture of physical gender cues (for example, hair style or clothing) as well as certain behavioral attributes that tend to be culturally associated with a particular gender. Irrespective of a person's presentation, many experienced
crossdressers assert that confidence is far more important for passing than the physical aspects of appearance.

Persons seeking to pass as the opposite gender to their natal sex will, by necessity, seek to hide or disguise features that are specific or more common in their natal sex while emphasising or artificially creating features that are indicative of the gender that they seek to present.


For natal males passing as female, this will typically involve wearing of a wig or styling their hair in a manner usually specific to females, removing or disguising facial hair and wearing makeup to make their face appear female, altering their body to resemble that of a female, wearing female clothing and accessories, speaking
in a voice that fits their presentation and adopting 'female' mannerisms.  Alterations to make the face and body appear female fall into two categories: temporary items that are applied or worn, and surgical alterations.


A variety of materials and methods are used to alter the apparent body proportions to create the illusion of a female body shape.

Some form of breast prostheses are usually used. If the clothing being worn will reveal the breast cleavage, some type of cleavage enhancement technique is also used.

Various methods are used to create a female waist-hip ratio, by either reducing the waist size and/or enlarging the hips and buttocks. A garment such as a corset, BodyBriefer or control brief is often used to reduce the apparent waist size and/or to flatten the stomach area. Hip and buttock padding is sometimes used to
enlarge the apparent size of the hips and buttocks.


Cosmetic surgery procedures that are often used by transsexual persons living permanently as females include breast augmentation, liposuction and Buttock augmentation. The use of female hormones also alters the body, including changing the distribution of body fat.

Warmest regards,
Jamie Young
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