Meeting Location
and Directions
The Transology Association
York Office for Transgender Affairs
also to be known as YOTA
32 North Queen Street, York, Pa
A Transology Association Sub Division

We are a Non Profit Group Dedicated to helping the Transgender Communities by Offering Free Education and Support Services to the Transgender Community and the General Public for York Pennsylvania and surrounding Areas and providing help and support to Homeless Transient people

Web Site Directory

Meetings will be held at 32 North Queen Street, York, Pa

Meetings are not scheduled as of yet.

The Office for Transgender Affairs is still under construction.

Notices will be posted on this web site on the front  page.
Days and times of meetings will be listed on the front page of this site as well.

Anyone is welcome to stop by the office at any time to discuss issues and problems anyone is facing. We will be open 5 days a week for those needing assistance during the week.
Possible Meeting Structure

1.  At meetings we will discuss the needs for the transgender community
    in York, Pa.

2.  Discuss individual issues meeting attendees wish to know more
    about or need help with a specific issue or problem

3.  Discuss Jobs, Housing, Shelter and Medical Care

4.  Discuss subjects brought up at the meeting

5.  Discuss discrimination against Transgender people  in York, Pa and
    how to correct the issue

6.  Discuss family issues

7.  Discuss Job related Issues meeting attendees may be having

8.  Discuss how we can improve our Office and Association for the
    Transgender Community and Homeless

9.  Other subjects

10.  Refreshments will be served at meetings and we ask if possible to
      bring refreshments to share with others