1.)  Research and Document how the fetus develops into a Transgender and
     Transsexual person according to the different studies available
2.)  List the different groups of Transgenderism under the Transgender umbrella.
3.)  Explain each of the different groups of Transgenderism in detail
4.)  Document the issues Transgender Individuals face on their journey to become  
     their brain gender
5.)  Research the needs of Transsexuals on a every day basis
6.)  Document the steps needed to having Gender Reassignment surgery
7.)  Document the steps to receiving Hormones for Transsexual individuals
8.)  Document the problems Transsexuals face on their journey to living life
     as their brain gender
9.)  Document the issues and problems of receiving health benefits for                             Transsexuals and other Transgender individuals
10.) Document the problems faced by Transsexuals when they come out to family
11.) Document the problems Transsexuals and Transgender individuals face for
12.) Document the issues Transsexuals face for housing
13.) Document the need for retirement homes for Retired Transsexuals and
14.) Document the problems Crossdresser have with family and friends
when found out accidentally
15.) Document the need for Crossdressers to dress when the need and
compulsion to dress as their internal gender surfaces
16.) Document the issues and problems society has with Transsexuals and
Transgender Individuals due to the lack of Transgender education in
the straight society
17.) Document the procedures for name changes on Drivers License and Social security.
18.) Document the suicide rates for the Transsexual community
19.) Document the reason why Transsexuals commit suicide
20.) Document the reasons why Transgender individuals commit suicide
21.) Document the rules and regulations for a Transsexual individual to get Gender 
      Reassignment surgery
22.) Document the cost of a Transsexuals Transition
23.) Document the steps needed for a Transsexual to Transition
24.) Document the problems that may and or will occur when coming out to family
      Document the problems that may and or will occur when coming out to employers
25.) Document how depression affects a Transgender or Transsexual individual when
      society and family reject them
26.) Document the rate of unemployment for a Transgender and
      Transsexual individual
27.) Document the rate of poverty in the Transsexual and Transgender
28.) Research and document issues that Transgender School Students face
on a daily basis
29.) Research and Document issues Transgender Individuals face when
      raising their own children
30.) Research and Document the issues and problems parents face raising
a Transgender child
31.) Research and Document divorce rates of Transgender Transwomen
when their spouse finds out they are Transsexual
32.) Research and Document the issues and problems Transwomen face
      in a divorce trying to get custody of their children
33.) Research and Document the Gender ID of Bi Gender

More to be added at a later date

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