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Executive Director / Meeting Coordinator / Public Contact Liaison

Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor Lives Full time as Male To Female. She is very educated in the area of Being and living as Transsexual and Living full time and working as her Brain Gender. It has been a hard road for her with many obstacles in her way which she over came like a steam roller winning at every turn which was in her way to reach her goal as her Female Gender. Amanda has had many issues with her Parents and at times her Parents having nothing to do with her, which to her was very heart breaking and made her miserable just thinking that her parents no longer cared for her. There have been many bridges to cross but she has crossed them with flying colors and today she is living her dream as being who she really is within her Brain and her soul. She has never been happier and now wants to share her experience with others and help them become who they really are inside in York, Pa..

Amanda wants to concentrate on Housing, Medical Care, Job search and much more for people like herself. She wishes to be able to help as many as she can and hopes Transology will be accepted as a great and knowledgeable Organization for York Pa. She just wishes to concentrate on People who live in York mainly and try and make York Pa a City that is accepting to the Transsexual and Trangender Populations. She wishes to try and make the public aware of the Hardships we all face trying to just be ourselves and to just live and be happy being who we are. 

Amanda is a X Marine whose skills as a Marine have helped her deal with such hard odds to accomplish her goals. She is a intelligent individual and has a heart of gold. Amanda will go the distance to try and help anyone who just wishes to be happy and live life as who they really are in their brain and soul.

Amanda is someone you will want to meet if you want to begin living your dream.

Transology will begin meetings in I-Ron-ics at 256 West Philadelphia Street in York Pa to start out until a new and larger location can be found. We are looking for something that will be in Center York City so everyone can have access to meetings and support.

About the Translogy ... Chief Executive Officer / Technical Support

Michael is a 70 year old Bi Gender individual that has both Male and Female Brain Genders within his person. He was also born with Ovaries and a Uterus which was removed when he was about 3 years old. Individuals that are Bi Gender who have the highest form of Bi Gender experience Brain Gender
changes at any point in time and the genders switch uncontrollably. Brain genders can switch at any time for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years before returning to the previous Brain Gender. Michael was at one time diagnosed as a Male to Female Transsexual due to his Female Brain Gender being the Dominate Brain Gender for almost 2 years.  Having this form of Bi Gender can be very frustrating and depressing as well as irritating. You never really know which gender you are going to present as from one moment to the other.

Michael has a background in Psychology and over 30 years experience in Leadership and Business. He was a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps flying Helicopter in Vietnam as well as serving in a infantry company, officer of the Teamsters Union, Vice President of the Sea and Rail Containers Union out of Maryland, established, owned and operated a Trucking Company and sold Life and Health Insurance during his working years. He was forced into retirement in the year 2000 due to a work related injury then devoting most of his time researching most all Gender Identities under the Transgender Umbrella and along the Transgender Spectrum. In 2001 he founded a Transgender Support and Educational group for Transsexuals and Crossdressers called the Divas Transgender Support Group. In 2004 he restuctured Divas renaming it Renaissance of South Eastern Pennsylvania also known as ROSE when he merged with the National Renaissance Transgender Group out of Philadelphia, Pa. with his Divas Support group having Chapters in York and Lancaster, Pa with a sub chapter in Mountville Pa. He began studying and researching all aspects of the Transgender Spectrum beginning in 2000 trying to learn why and how he was Transgender. He was diagnosed as Transsexual then discovering he was Bi Gender fully fitting the description of Bi Genderism. Then researching the gender identity of Bi Gender and meeting Dr. Laura Case and submitting for a Bi Gender Seminar and inviting Dr. Case to discuss her research on Bi Gender at the March 2016 Keystone Conference.

Michael left the ROSE Support group about 12 years ago due to Medical and Family reasons and turned it over to someone he thought would follow in his foot steps but attended meetings after stepping down as the Executive Director and Founder of ROSE.  Since then he has recovered enough to take back the helm of the Support Group again beginning March  2016 . He then phased out the old ROSE support group and established a new more modern and up to date Transgender Educational and Support System. The new Educational and Support System has been given the named TRANSOLOGY. Transology reflects the Study of Transgendrism and really nails the new direction and moderation of the new Organization for Transgender Education and Support.

Unfortunately after a short time trying to establish Transology and renew the group under a new name and direction it did not work out and he separated from the ROSE group and let the individuals whom he left in charge when he had to leave as CEO and Founder have the ROSE group. There were major huge disagreements within the Group after he change the ROSE group to Transology.

Michael Left the ROSE Group and separated from that group but did not continue with Transology right away due to sickness in his family. A major Family member was given only 6 months to be on this earth and he had to consider the value of her life before continuing with Transology. Now Michael has renewed the Transology Transgender Association and it is under a New Director, Amanda Taylor, since he cannot yet be a major part of the Transology Association at this time but found it was important to begin the Transology Association again and just make it specifically for the York Transsexual and Transgender Communities. Amanda has taken the helm of Transology with Michael still in the background helping and giving advice and education on needed Transgender Subjects when needed.

Structure and Operation

The structure and operation of Transology will reflect a major change in how the old ROSE Group was operated and functioned. The major focus will be directed to the Transsexual community but also providing education and support for other Gender Identifications needing support and education as to their needs and explanations of who and why they are. Support is also being offered to the Families of Transgender individuals, their spouses and friends as well as employers and the Gender Public

The meeting guidelines have been drastically changed to reflect a greater quality of support and education moving all Organizational business to the end of a meeting. No member or visitor comes to a support meeting to hear about organizational business and news in the media that takes up a good portion of a Transgender Support meeting and takes time away from scheduled programing. Members and visitors to a Transology Support and Educational meeting are welcome to remain after the end of a support meeting to sit in on Transology Organizational Business and news in the media pertaining to the transgender community.  Impute from members and visitor allows for a wider scope of what is needed for Transgender Support and Education within the local areas and surrounding localities

Transology will focus on doing major research on any and all subject matter relating to all the sub communities and categories under The Transgender Umbrella. This will give Transology a much more rounded scope of information allowing for a much wider support system for the Transgender community both on a group level and individual support sessions.

Transology is always open to anyone who has suggestions and impute on the needs and operation of this group. The Goal of this organization is to be accepted as a major Transgender Support and Educational Organization both in the Transgender community and general public. This can be acomplished with the expereince and hard work of Transology staff under the Direction of Amanda Taylor.

Transgender Support Meeting Schedule

Transology will begin Meetings and Services soon so watch for a date for the First Transology Meeting at I-Ron-ic's on Philadelphia Street in York, Pa. Transology will be part of the York Fest on August 6 in York so watch for Transology there as well ... Come meet us ... Lets talk and get to know each other.

Transology Transgender Association

Amanda Taylor, Executive Director

Michael GreyFeather
Michelle Lynn GreyFeather, Silent Chief Executive Office  
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