.... NOTICE ....
Transology is no Longer Associated with the Transgender Support Group called
Renaissance of South Eastern Pennsylvania (ROSE)
A New Transgender Educational and Support Group
Dedicated to helping the York, Pa Transgender Community

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Meeting Information
Transology's support meeting will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2007 at 4 PM. The Location of the meeting is at 40 East Philadelphia Street, 2nd floor apartment, York, Pa. ...
Some Refreshments will be available during the meeting to welcome attendees. If anyone needs to arrive early to get ready or change then I request that they arrive a little early, please, so that the meeting is not interrupted. Those that will be attending the meeting early needing a changing area should please call me in advance just so I know when to expect them. My Phone Number is below ...

Thank You in advance
Amanda Taylor

For More Informtion
Call Amanda at 717-728-6372
or E-mail her at amandalouise9121@gmail.com   

or call
Michael / Michelle
at 717-332-1247 or E-mail her at        Transology1@aol.com
The Study of Transgenderism
Offering Education and Support Services to
the Transgender Community and the General Public
for York Pennsylvania
A Premier Transgender
Educational and Support Organization
Welcome To
This Web site belongs to Transology,
It will have the ROSE Support Group name on web pages for Rose to use as part of their group for information to help others

Thank You
The Transology Staff
Come join us, We are interested in helping with and discussing Transgender Housing and Housing Search, Jobs and Job Search, Medical Care, Retirement, Discrimination, Helping with Family and Spouse Support, Support with your Employer, Transitioning, Name Change, Birth Certificate Name Change, Drivers License Gender ID and much more for those living Full and Part time as their Brain Gender.  We will also provide support for other Transgender Communities such as Crossdressing, Bi Gender etc ...

Please Note ... Our Main Concern and Interest only lies in helping the Transgender Community in York City and York County. To help those wanting to live full time as their Brain Gender and achive their Dream.
Although we will help anyone who attends our meetings wanting support and direction.

We are open to anyone Transgender, their families, Friends, Employers, and the Genderal Public and for those Interested in learning about the various Transgender Communities, The Issues and Problems
Transgender Individuals face every day of our lives.
Transology Meeting
September 30 @ 4 PM